Using time limits

Learn how to set a time limit, add accommodations, and reset a student's timer.

How do I set a time limit?

  1. Open the assignment
  2. In the top right, click the settings icon, then "Assignment Settings"
  3. Set "Type" to "Quiz" or "Exam" (since homework can't have a time limit)
  4. Next to "Time Limit", enter a number of minutes
  5. In the top right, click "Save"

What does the student see?

When they open the assignment, they'll see an instruction page telling them how much time they have. They'll also see a timer in the top right as they work.

What happens if a student leaves the page?

The timer continues to count down, whether they're looking at the assignment or not.

What if the student starts right before the due date?

They'll always start with the full amount of time.

How do I reset a student's timer?

Learn how on this page:

How do I reset a student's assignment? | Derivita Support Center

What if one of my students needs more time?

You can add a time limit multiplier for a student:

  1. Have the student open any Derivita assignment, if they haven't before. This will add them to your list of students
  2. Open any Derivita assignment
  3. In the top right, click the gear icon and choose "Course Settings"
  4. Click "Set Overrides"
  5. Choose the student and their multiplier, then click "Add Override"
  6. In the top right, click "Save"

Once that's done, the student will receive extra time on every timed Derivita assignment in the course.