How do I set the teacher's email?

Learn to change the email address to which help messages are sent.

Set or change the help email

  1. Open any Derivita assignment in the course
  2. In the top right, click the gear icon, then "Course Settings"
  3. In the "Help Email" box, enter the teacher's email address
  4. Click "Save"

What is the help email used for?

When a student sends a message to their teacher via the "Help" button, Derivita will send an email to this address.

If you use Derivita's assessment reporting, the help email determines which teacher and school the course's data is assigned to.

Do I need to set the help email manually?

Not usually; Derivita typically sets it automatically. It uses the email address of the first teacher to open a Derivita assignment in the course.

You may need to set it yourself if the your learning management system (LMS) doesn't send the teacher's email address to Derivita.

You may need to change the help email if the course's teacher has changed, or if someone other than the primary teacher was the first to open Derivita.