How do I set due dates?

Learn how to set a date and time that students are expected to turn in an assignment.

Setting the due date for the whole class

If you use Canvas or Google Classroom, just set due dates like you would for any other assignment, and they'll automatically be sent to Derivita.

If you use another LMS (like Moodle, Schoology, or Blackboard), follow these steps:

  1. Open the assignment
  2. In the top left, under the Derivita logo, click "Due: Not set". You'll be taken to the assignment settings page
  3. Click "Not Set" and choose a date and time
  4. Click "OK", then in the top right, click "Save"

Setting the due date for particular students

If you want to give some students an alternate due date, you can learn how below:

How do I adjust the due date for an individual student? | Derivita Support Center

Adding a late policy

You can add a penalty for work done late. Learn more here:

Setting course-wide settings | Derivita Support Center