Paying for Derivita

Learn how the 14-day free trial works and ways to submit a payment.

Some schools have their students pay for access to Derivita.

If this applies to you, you'll see this banner at the top of each assignment:upgrade-1920wDerivita will never prevent you from working on assignments, regardless of when you pay. Submitting a payment is only necessary to make your grades appear in your course's gradebook.

Free trial

Once you open an assignment for the first time, your grades will sync to your course's gradebook for the first 14 days, no payment necessary. The message at the top of each assignment will tell you how many days before your grades stop being sent.

Submitting a payment

You can pay for Derivita right from an assignment, using a credit or debit card. At some schools, you have the option to pay through your school's bookstore.

Learn more about the options below:

Paying by card

To pay with a credit or debit card, open any Derivita assignment and click the "Upgrade" button in the top right:upgrade-1920w

You'll then be able to enter your card details and click "Pay" to submit your payment.

If you receive an error, read it carefully. You may need to re-enter your info, correct your ZIP code, or contact your bank.

Paying at the bookstore

If you prefer to pay in person, call or visit your campus bookstore to ask whether you can buy access to Derivita.

You don't need the bookstore to give you a login or access code. Just give them your student email address, and we'll automatically apply your payment.

If assignments are still prompting you to upgrade more than two days after you've paid and started using Derivita, ask your bookstore whether they've added your info to Derivita's purchase tracker.

What happens if I don't pay?

Derivita will never prevent you from working on assignments, regardless of when you pay.

If you haven't paid by the time that your free trial expires, you'll still be able to complete all homework and tests and see your scores. The only difference is that the grade you earn on each assignment won't be sent to your course's gradebook.

You can pay at any time, though you should check with your teacher to make sure that you submit a payment a few days before they calculate your final grade.