How do I edit assignments?

Add, remove, or rearrange questions within an assignment.

When you want to modify a Derivita assignment, you don't directly change which questions it uses or their order. Instead, you do one of the following:

Create a modified copy using "My Templates"

Follow the steps below to create a new and improved copy of your assignment.

  1. Open Assignment Assembly and, under "My Templates", navigate to the assignment you want to edit:
  2. In the top right, click "Select All" to add all the questions to your new assignment
  3. Deselect any questions that you no longer want to use
  4. Find and select any questions you want to add
  5. In the top right, click "Next", then rearrange and duplicate questions as you wish
  6. Click "Create"

There are probably some settings you'll want to adjust at this point, like the assignment type or due date.

For a refresher, check out the "Adjust settings" section of the article below:

Creating an assignment | Derivita Support Center


Disable questions

Follow the steps below to throw out a question on an assignment that students are already working on.

  1. Open the assignment and scroll down to the question you want to disable
  2. On the far right, click the three dots and choose "Disable Question":
  3. Choose how you want to handle grading for the question, then click "Okay"

When a question is disabled, it still appears in the list of questions, so that the question numbers aren't changed. But its name is crossed out, and students will see this message, instead of the question prompt:

this_question_has_been_disabledTeachers can still see the question, though, and can re-enable it by clicking the three dots to its right and choosing "Enable Question".