How do I share assignments?

Learn how to add a Derivita assignment to another course.

Tip: When you copy an assignment, the assignment settings don't come with it.

Once you have the copy, be sure to set things like its assignment type and due date. For a refresher, check out the "Adjust settings" section of this article:

Create an assignment | Derivita Support Center

The way to copy an assignment to another class depends on your learning management system (LMS). To learn more, choose yours:

Google Classroom


  • You must be a teacher in the class to which you want to send the assignment
  • If you're sharing with someone else, they must be in the same Google Workspace organization as you. In other words, can share with, but not


  1. Head to and log in with your Google account
  2. Under "My Templates", navigate to the assignment you want to edit:
  3. In the top right, click "Select All", then "Next", and finally, "Create"
  4. Pick a title, point value, and the class that you want to send it to and click "Create Draft" or "Assign"

Any other LMS

Copy the external tool URL

  1. Find the assignment you want to copy
  2. Open the LMS settings for the assignment
  3. Copy the URL that begins with ""

    In Canvas, for example, you'll find it here:external_tool_url_canvas

Create a new assignment that uses the URL

  1. Create a new assignment in the target course
  2. Fill in the external tool URL box with the link you copied above